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Skip Bins - Waste Management at Its Best
By Cam Hugh

Anything that is not wanted or desired can be referred to as waste. Waste, trash or garbage needs to be managed effectively. This is the reason why more and more people are hiring skip bin services. It helps you declutter your home and surroundings and manage your waste effectively.  read more...

Posted November 2012
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Office Recycling Tips and Hints
Skip Bins - Waste Management at Its Best

Home Improvement Using a Natural Approach

Office Recycling Tips and Hints
By Cam Hugh

Recycling paper is an uncomplicated procedure and there are numerous recovery centers based in most major cities these days where you can make arrangements for the collection of used paper and card. Keep all your old newspapers, magazines, and cardboard, bundle it up and have it transported to a processing plant where it will be re-used.  read more...

Posted December  2012
Home Improvement - Building and Renovating Your Home Using a Natural Approach
By Brendan Hogg

Architects and builders have been saying for years: "Good design doesn't cost the earth, but poor design does." Long before "sustainable" and "environmentally friendly" became public statements, the professionals already knew all about the energy-saving possibilities of a well designed home. Unfortunately, they were often forced to conform to "houses must face the street", rooms had to conform to what worked in the past rather than what was best for local conditions.  read more...

Posted January  2013